What would happen if there were a social network for people who are committed to a New Mainstream?

Let’s find out.



It’s not Starbucks. It’s not Facebook. The Incubator is a social network crafted to advance collective consciousness and the collective conversation in a supportive and game-changing way. Membership is free and gives you 24/7 access to numerous forums where conversations are happening on subjects from gene expression to freedom of expression, moderated by guides with deep experience in the forum topic and populated by people you might just come to love.



“There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.”
–Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


A new mainstream is challenging us to revise our social systems. New work. New education systems. New health care. Cradle to cradle environmental practices. New business. New economic and monetary systems. New political systems. New social structures. A new psychology. This is the place to talk about all of these and more and begin to bring them to life.
Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey model has been an inspiration to seekers of all kinds. In this forum, we’ll unpack the relationship of the inner journey to the outer journey and take apart each step to see how it applies to your real-life journey.
Personal and collective transformation takes guts. It takes an allegiance to freedom from limitation and to radical alignment–the willingness to become aware of your path in each moment and choose to take it, despite not knowing where it will lead. If that’s an exploration you’re ready to take–or ready to be ready to take–join the conversation, with special guests from all walks of life who have danced with the topic.
Spiritual growth is an important element of modern life. And whether you’re studying Spiral Dynamics, trying to sustain a meditation practice or seeking awakening, you’ll find your tribe here.
Transformative Medicine is a mind-body practice with applications to health, personal growth and more developed by European physician Ruediger Dahlke. Far from being disconnected random beings, subject to chance diseases and unexpected events, Transformative Medicine posits that our bodies are living metaphors of our spirits. In this forum, we’ll explore the wide-reaching ramifications of that idea.


Hosted forums. Free-wheeling conversations. Juicy resources. Like-minded colleagues and friends. Inspiring resources.
The Incubator is a groundbreaking gathering place for those pushing the envelope who want to learn, grow and take action.



Our easy-access forums reflect the conversations unfolding among thought leaders worldwide. You can talk about everything from the state of the world to the state of your soul among people whose interest in living large, going deep and helping to usher in what Charles Eisenstein has called “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible” parallels yours. Welcome to your tribe!



Between them, hosts Carol Greenhouse and Gabrielle Donnelly have knowledge, education and experience in fields that include Transformative Studies, Psychosomatic Transformation, social innovation, group process, consciousness evolution, binary opposition and more. Together, they serve to keep the conversation powerful and juicy with the help of our fellows and the inspiring members The Incubator attracts.


Nominated by both members and Center staff, Center fellows are here to share their passions. We have a forum dedicated to the work of each, and they’re invited to come in and out of the conversation any time. Those invited to join us recently include Transformative Medicine founder Ruediger Dahlke.


The Incubator is a pressure cooker for ideas, a state-of-the-art digital community where you can pick up assignments, browse through our library of articles, recordings and videos on everything from the zero-point field to the future of work, and, best of all, network with fellow students and staff 24/7 on the ideas that excite you, which serves to propel you deeper into your work.

AssignmentHOT TOPICS

Charles Eisenstein’s work on scaling down. Bruce Lipton’s on epigenetics. Gabrielle Donnelly’s on transcending duality. Profound, humorous, innovative, sacred and edgy dialogue are ongoing on these and numerous other topics day and night. And if you don’t see what you want to talk about being discussed here, you can propose it. Join us!


The Incubator is a melting pot of people with diverse interests, ideas, skills and experience. Will you find in these ranks a collaborator, an ally, someone with exactly the background you need to take you to the next level of your journey? There’s only one way to find out. Signing up is easy. It takes about a minute. And then you can peek into our forums and see what’s in store for you. 


We’ve tried to address the questions we typically hear about The Incubator.
If you have a question that isn’t answered here, just email us at

The Incubator is a social network for people who want to immerse themselves in ideas and inspiration with their peers for the purpose of going deeper on their internal journey or further on their external one. Think Paris’ Left Bank in the 50s, any time of the day or night, without leaving home.
Everyone who joins The Incubator in its first year gets in free. It’s our gift to you and to the New Mainstream movement.
Just go to, create your own username and password and type in the code “iceb3rg” in the third log-in box. (Please keep your username and password tucked away; we won’t have it.) That gets you registered. Then click on the forums on the list that interest you, and say as much or as little as you like.
Sure! Just email your questions to We’ll be glad to guide you.
Keep it kind. Honor others’ perspectives. Don’t promote goods or services. And if you see anything happening that you think is out of bounds, email us at


Director, Center for a New Mainstream

Carol Greenhouse has been a voice for a New Mainstream since a childhood in the Caribbean left her living outside the box. She studied in Bennington College’s MFA program in creative writing, The Graduate Institute’s MA in consciousness and CIIS’ Ph.D. in transformative studies. She worked at The Intelligent Optimist for a decade, logging in from places like Ubud and Lake Atitlan, and working on every issue of the magazine. In later years, she created the company’s auctions; was lead writer in rebranding Ode as The Optimist; helped start a course series called Ode Live; and led the promotions team. In 2012, she founded the company’s first low-residency program, and she launched The Center for a New Mainstream in January 2016.

Visionary, Center for a New Mainstream

Gabrielle Donnelly is a scholar, practitioner and educator in the field of social innovation with a focus on bridging the theory and practice of individual and social change. She is highly skilled in the use of collaborative leadership and dialogue processes such as World Café, the Art of Hosting, Open Space, and Deep Democracy. She is an advisory council member of the Authentic Leadership in Action Institute at Naropa University’s Authentic Leadership Center and has worked with social-purpose organizations that include Bioneers, the Government of Nova Scotia, the Ecology Action Centre, the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission and Dalhousie University. She received her Ph.D. from CIIS. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


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