The Center is bringing Ruediger Dahlke’s visionary philosophy to the U.S.—and teaching you to use it in your life and work.


Illness isn’t random. Our bodies mirror our psyches. That’s the philosophy behind Transformative Medicine, an integrative approach to holistic health and personal growth developed by European physician, author and teacher Ruediger Dahlke over the course of 35 years. And addressing those challenges at the psychological level eliminates them at the physiological level, real preventive medicine that confers lasting benefits.

A conventionally trained doctor, Ruediger Dahlke travelled for a year after his medical training and studied with shamans and healers in his search to reconcile what he had learned in medical school with his vision of health. On his return to Europe, he began working with psychologist Thorwald Dethlefson, and together they mapped the terrain of what became Transformative Medicine, establishing a holistic approach to medicine that extends into the mythical and spiritual domains.

Now, for the first time, The Center for a New Mainstream is bringing this work to the U.S. and training coaches, physicians, psychologists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, therapists and coaches in the practical tools needed to understand the body’s messages and address wide-ranging ailments, from depression and addiction to infertility and multiple sclerosis.

Transformative Medicine offers a rich, layered view of how energy plays out in body and spirit, revealing ways of understanding the messages our bodies are sending about how to live a full and courageous life, the one only you can live.


Transformative Medicine is an emergent body of knowledge that offers a complete revision of what we know about how people and universal forces behave and why.


It’s not just theory. The model comes with detailed practical applications in realms from health and healing to organizational management to international diplomacy.


Its tools let you unlock mysteries in biology, physics, health and philosophy that few experts understand, enabling you to generate change in yourself and society.

What if you could speak the language of your own soul?
What would it tell you?




Physician, Teacher, Author
Ruediger Dahlke is a physician and therapist, author of 60 books, including The Healing Power of Illness: Understanding What Your Symptoms Are Telling You, published in the U.S. for the first time in February of 2016. Dahlke is the lead instructor for the Certificate in Transformative Medicine and trains doctors and laypeople all over the world in his theories and practices. He is one of the world’s leading proponents of the idea that disease is an opportunity to become more conscious.


Seventy-Five Hours of Recorded Modules. Live Weekly Telecasts with Dr. Dahlke and Practitioners. A Gathering Place. Like-Minded Tribe. Juicy Resources. Inspiring Assignments. The Certificate in Transformative Medicine incorporates six powerful and profound elements.



The 12 archetypes. The versions of thinking. The causes. The shadow. Practicums with clients on the screen and off. Meditations. Health issues. Q&A. Filled with images designed to plant the material firmly in your right brain, the 75 hours of recorded classes led by Dr. Dahlke are the foundation of this program, and you can watch them on your time.



Our students look forward to our weekly meetings. They are the glue of the program, bringing home the ideas they’ve studied all week. These 90-minute sessions are held each Sunday on the easy-to-use Zoom video platform, so you can communicate on the screen with Dr. Dahlke, the Transformative Medicine staff and fellow students–and recorded in case you have to miss a session.


The Incubator is a pressure cooker for ideas, a state-of-the-art online community where you can pick up assignments, browse through our library of articles, recordings and videos on everything from the zero-point field to the future of work, and network with fellow students and staff 24/7 on the ideas that excite you, which serves to propel you deeper into your work.  


Ask anyone in an online certificate program: One of the best parts of the course are the working relationships you develop with fellow students. Each student in the cohort brings different capacities and experiences to the table—and most find strong supporters in fellow students and professional and personal relationships that continue after the program is over. 


The Center for a New Mainstream is the home of the Dahlke archives–everything published in English on the topic of Transformative Medicine since its origin in the 1980s. In addition, we distribute related articles, video footage, even a list of recommended film viewing to make the ideas behind Psychosomatic Transformation part of your operating system. 


The assignments given in The Certificate in Transformative Medicine ask you to push the envelope. To face fears and advance edges. To see more deeply into yourself so that you can see more deeply into others. They are one of the features that set our programs apart, and one of the elements that enable students to absorb the material and make it their own.


Learn more about our Certificate in Transformative Medicine, based on the work of Dr. Ruediger Dahlke.



The curriculum is broken down into modules; take one or all. See below for more details.

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Want to change a pattern related to health, relationship, work, purpose? A certified practitioner can help.

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We’ve tried to answer the questions we typically hear concerning our certificate program. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, just email courses@anewmainstream.com.

You’ll spend 90 minutes most Sundays participating in the live telecasts and several hours a week listening to the recorded telecasts. In addition, you’ll spend a couple of hours each week interacting with your fellow students in our digital think tank, The Incubator. Another hour or two may be spent reading and doing assignments. All in all, you’ll spend seven or eight hours on course work each week between March and September.
Yes. Each section of the course will have stimulating exercises and information for you to work with to catalyze your journey. These assignments will help you integrate the work you’re doing. But this is a custom journey, so you’re encouraged to linger longer on assignments that feel vital to your growth and move more quickly past those that are less essential to your goals.
This question has a two-part answer:

A) This is an online program that involves computer interaction. If you don’t want to go near a computer, it isn’t right for you. But then you wouldn’t be reading this, would you?

B) All you need is an up-to-date computer and a high-speed Internet connection. We’ll walk you through the rest. It really is straightforward. You’ll be a pro in no time.

Recordings of the telecasts are posted within 48 hours so you can tune in any time. We also have a digital discussion board called The Incubator that’s open 24/7. All discussions remain on the site. We know that your schedule—everyone’s schedule–is crazybusy, and we’ve got you covered.
We ask that you commit fully, with both feet, before you sign up. But we also want to give you a close-up view of the work, so we’re offering a guarantee: If the program isn’t working for you as you expected, let us know within 30 days, and we’ll refund your money in full.
The certificate program is our top offering if you want to transform yourself and your career with the principles of this field. It includes telecasts, interactive work, readings and assignments, and our exclusive online community, The Incubator. The certificate program is right for you if you’re looking for robust tools to apply to your clinical/healing/coaching practice (as well as your own health and personal growth) and can put in about seven or eight hours a week doing so.

The Metamorphosis Lab can help you generate health and well-being for yourself. It’s right for you if you’re working through a personal health challenge (or that of a loved one) and want to expand your capacity for healing. It’s right for you if you’ve tried conventional medicine and haven’t been able to clear up nagging symptoms. We’ll work alongside you to do our best to see that you resolve the issue you came in looking to address.

And finally, there’s the Practitioner Certification, an invitation-only piece de resistance. The certification enables you to begin practicing with supervision. For more information, email Carol at courses@anewmainstream.com.

Yes, we offer a monthly payment plan that makes our programs easy to afford. Just click on the “Monthly payments” button on the registration page. Keep in mind that this program is an investment designed to pay off many times over in the value it brings to your career.
Yes, and we hope you will! We have many international students and schedule the telecasts to work for as much of the world as possible. You should have no trouble accessing the telecasts as long as you have a computer with access to a high-speed Internet connection, and if it’s too late where you are to attend them live, you can watch the recordings. We’ve had students from Dubai and Bali and have a good track record of working through any tech challenges. If you want to talk further about it before you sign up, please email courses@anewmainstream.com.
The Incubator is our program’s exclusive online community, available 24/7 on your computer or mobile phone. It’s a place for you to foster alliances and do collaborative work with other members of our community, amplify your learning through candid dialogue, listen to meditations and see related documentaries, articles, books and podcasts, get recordings of the telecasts so you can watch them on your own schedule and find answers to your questions in a forum monitored by the Center for a New Mainstream team. We’ll send you a user’s guide, and our tech team will work with you to make sure you can get onto the telecasts and into The Incubator easily.
You need seven to eight hours a week to devote to the program. And you can take an occasional week off and still catch up. So as long as you can put that time in, you should be fine.
We’ve got you covered. Our experienced staff can support you in tuning into our telecasts and setting up in The Incubator. We’ve done it for many others.
In order to attend the telecasts, you’ll need at least 1 MB upload speed and 1 MB download speed. If you don’t know your bandwidth, you can run the test at speedof.me to find out what it is. If you’re still uncertain, just email us, and we’ll figure it out together.


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This invitation-only program is for certificate program graduates who want the skills and credentials to develop a thriving Transformative Medicine practice that touches many lives. To learn more, email Carol at courses@anewmainstream.com.