Having issues with your health, relationships, work and more? Take a healing journey with a guide to Transformative Medicine.


Intensive work with a Transformative Medicine coach is no less a hero’s journey into your psyche with the goal of coming back with greater capacity to live your full potential. It takes courage and delivers great rewards if you’re willing to explore profound facets of yourself you may not yet know. Both our practitioners have had two years of training with Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, including practicum work, and have access to Dr. Dahlke and other veteran practitioners if consulting is needed.

When you sign up for a private session, you’ll be sent an exhaustive intake form. This will be the basis of your first session, which will be held on Skype and will take two hours. Subsequent sessions typically take an hour to 90 minutes. Assignments between sessions are the norm.

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Carol Greenhouse found the work of European physician Ruediger Dahlke in 2012, when she was given a Xeroxed copy of The Healing Power of Illness. She knew from the first read that it was life-changing material, and in alliance with Dahlke began to bring his work to the U.S. Last year, she founded The Center for a New Mainstream as a permanent home for his work. She is the director of the Certificate in Transformative Medicine; the invitation-only Transformative Medicine Practitioner Certification; and The Metamorphosis Labs, for those seeking to use Transformative Medicine for personal growth and healing.

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Lori McDonnell is a clinical research coordinator at Stanford University and the Palo Alto Veteran’s Institute for Research. She has an M.A. in psychology from San Jose State University and works at NASA Ames Research Center. After 18 years researching psychosocial and psychophysiological aspects of aviation and space safety, she now works with patients. She is a certified results coach and practitioner of BodyTalk and Reconnective Healing. She took the Certificate in Transformative Medicine (CTM) in 2015, helped revise the curriculum in 2016 and became assistant director of the program in 2016. She is getting her Transformative Medicine Practitioner Certification. She specializes in autoimmune illnesses, with which she is intimately acquainted.

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