A program is only as successful as its graduates. That’s why we polled some of our students to give you a sense of the impact of their work. Imagine yourself in their position. And then make the commitment to transforming yourself just as boldly as they did.

Founder, Lila Arts Creative Healing Studio
Leesburg, VA

When I started the Transformative Studies Program, I described myself as “a frustrated mother of two.” While I’d been trained in art therapy, I was cut off from my own creativity. I needed a spark. This program offers a creative community, perspectives from new-world philosophers and supported introspection, stepping stones on an exponentially growing and enlightened path. No longer frustrated, I’m regaining confidence and expanding my role as a mother, artist and individual.

Design Director and Founder, A2V.ORG
Palo Alto, CA

The wonderfully intense collaboration among students and staff has set me on the path to transformation designer, and my class project has blossomed into a nonprofit, attracting class colleagues as collaborators. The program has provided stellar speakers, provocative forums and a depth and breadth of resources to challenge our minds, strengthen our work and expand our souls.

Founder, TOED
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I’d been trying unsuccessfully to meditate for years when I started this program, and now I meditate every day. I needed a clear head because I’ve launched a completely new kind of health clinic in cities across Amsterdam this year, with insight from TSP faculty and students. The TSP’s support for meditation and social innovation has set me on a
wonderful, productive path.

Institutional Review Board Professional
San Francisco, CA

I’m a longtime subscriber to The Intelligent Optimist magazine. This program has taken me from reading the stories of people making a difference to meeting people from all over the world, sharing stories, encouraging and supporting each other to explore who we are and find our purpose so we can make an impact of our own. This course has provided the spark to enable me to shift my own life. Big or small, I too can make a difference.


Writer and Workshop Facilitator
San Diego, CA

This program has compelled me to a start a new career exploration when I’d almost given up. It has connected me to a group of extraordinary and talented fellow students who have become trusted friends and partners in new projects. I’ve become a better human being and increased my impact on family, friends, community, and the world at large while rediscovering and developing my gifts.

Chiropractic Physician, Clinical Nutritionist and Health Coach
Grundy Center, IA

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the depth of transformation occurring in me as a direct result of this program. The course has introduced new concepts and ways of looking at this beautiful world, and in addition to the rich materials provided, the interactive digital platform allows me greater understanding of the ideas presented. I feel a great connection to the other participants, and my soul feels more nourished than it has in a long time.

Burnaby, British Columbia

As the Director for the Centre for Restorative Justice at Simon Fraser University, I’ve witnessed transformation in the aftermath of violence and trauma. What I didn’t know was how to transform myself—but I knew I wanted to try. It has been a year of learning and discovery. My world has grown in profound ways; I’ve met inspiring people who have helped me develop personally and professionally. The program is a gift to yourself and those you love, creating shifts to abundance and freedom.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

When I joined this program, my confidence was low. I didn’t dare speak up in our telecasts. So that’s what the director asked me to do. After that, there was no holding me back. Since then, I’ve done a detox and vision quest and adopted ideas like Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory that enrich my life. Enrolling in this program was the best decision I could have made.

Business Owner
Silverdale, WA

This program is amazing, exposing my deepest corners and hidden fears, hopes and prayers. The program offers a safe community that lets me explore and awaken all my secret hopes, dreams, passions and potential. I’m a different person because of it—I’m a seeker, a legend and fun to live with. And that is truly incredible!

Community Organizer
Walnut Hills, OH

By taking part in this program, I’ve become connected to and supported by a community of optimistic, like-minded visionaries. We’re all in the program to take an inward journey but the outward results are creative, collaborative and healing. Program leadership holds space, introduces ideas and asks questions of me that I’ve never asked myself so I can incorporate transformation that is right for me.

Co-Founder, A2V.ORG
Evanston, IL

It’s my second year in this program, and it has nudged me past boundaries I didn’t even know I had, made global thought leaders like Duane Elgin and Elisabet Sahtouris my colleagues and led me to join with fellow students in launching a new venture to generate global change through digital storytelling. I feel deep gratitude for this safe, supportive and creative learning environment.

Founder & Director, Flamingo Homecare
Lakeland, FL

Six months before I began the program, my husband died. His last breath took not only his life but mine. Drowning in sorrow, I was encouraged through the program to find a mentor, to find support, encouragement, and insight. Over the past months, an incredible road has emerged and magically, transformation found me. I recommend this program to all who seek authentic, illuminating, and life-affirming change.


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